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  • Woods Plumbing Service LLC warranties all materials and workmanship to be free from defect for a period of (1) year from the date of installation. Any materials determined by Woods Plumbing to be defective shall be repaired or replaced.
  • All customer supplied materials and products are installed with a (1) year warranty on workmanship only. The warranty of the owner supplied product is between the customer and the manufacturer.
  • All warranties are subject to void if determined by Woods Plumbing that the issue occurred as a result of misuse or negligence
  • Drain cleaning services hold a warranty period of (7) days.
  • Warranty will not be honored if stoppage was determined to be caused by misuse of plumbing systems or defect in home’s existing plumbing system.
  • Warranty will be void if improper materials are found in sewer lines  such as tampons, “flushable wipes”, paper towels, and/or anything other than toilet paper.


  • Woods Plumbing Service LLC is not responsible for damages to personal property.
  • This includes (but not limited to) damages to insulation, walls, floors, ceiling, paint, cabinets and countertops, landscaping, walk/driveways, nor for repairs of cosmetic defects.
  • Woods Plumbing is not responsible for any secondary damages caused by water or sewage as a result of drain cleaning services.
  • Woods Plumbing is not responsible for incidental damages that may occur due to the condition or age of the home’s plumbing system, or any previous damage from a non-licensed plumber.
  • Woods Plumbing will always do our best to avoid causing any damages to property.
  • Certain services may require access inside of walls and ceiling.
  • Woods Plumbing will minimize damage as best possible.
  • Homeowner is responsible for any repairs needed at completion of work.

Insurance Claims

  • Woods Plumbing will not directly bill any insurance company related to any insurance claims.
  • Work performed by Woods Plumbing will be directly billed to the customer, and the customer is solely responsible for rendering payment to Woods Plumbing.
  • Woods Plumbing will provide detailed information about the repair that may assist you in your claim.

Billing And Payments

  • A 3% processing fee will incur for all credit card transactions
  • Invoices unpaid after 30 days will be subject to a one time late fee of 5%
  • Woods Plumbing holds the right to request a credit card pre-authorization on properties that do not have an on-site contact to render payment at the time of service.